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This is what we’re about:

  • Having fun playing music
  • Having fun playing music

And er … did I mention the fun & playing bit? Yep, they’re quite important.

Harp school is all about you and what you want from the harp and music. Learning in groups, it’s as much about hanging out and being with friends as it is developing a new skill.

Build confidence together;

Learn together;

Create & perform together (in fancy dress if you really want).

The harp doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive with our beginner harps.

You’re never too old to start something new, that’s just silliness and…

There is always time, if you really want to do it.

So, definitely make time to pursue your dreams & far-reaching ideas…


Come to harp school and reveal your inner artist, musician, composer, creator, angel and WIZARD! (If this is your childhood dream DOUBLE BONUS😀)

Don’t delay, CALL TODAY



“This is a right lark!”
“A perfect gift”
“Just want to try, but don’t want to commit yet”

Then this one is the one for you…

Three 1 hour lessons, these are personal, one2one sessions.
As well as the usual technique advice and mandatory harpy things you can…

Learn classic grooves from your youth,
Perhaps a timeless folk melody,
Maybe your favourite classical theme,
Or if you’re really good, all three.
Then, film it and plaster it all over your social media, impressing your friends with your new found angel skills.

The harp experience is a taster session intended as a gift for the friend who has everything and for that special someone who you know who will get so much out of playing the harp or YOU (go on, be kind to yourself) …

N.B: does not guarantee a place in heaven, but it can count towards it in Hcas points.



(takes place over a weekend)

“It’s simplicity is genius”
“She sounds really good”
“Such a good idea”

Want your own harp but don’t want to re-mortgage the house or sell both kidneys; then this is for you.
Spend a weekend constructing and stringing your very own harp, decorate it as you wish (Blue Peter badges & good taste not mandatory)

Can be as a stand alone workshop or as part of “level one beginner package” call for more details.


Ready to commit & now have your harp!

Book a term of classes and get involved with our social learning approach.
Learning in groups these classes will reveal to you how musical you already are and build upon your latent skill set.


Have a hectic life and have the ability to drop in and quietly fit in, then you’re more than welcome; drop in, hangout, play some tunes, make some friends / catch up with old friends.

The serious stuff and FAQs

Who is it for?
Anybody from ages 8(ish) to 108.

Is there a grading system?
Yes, the 7 levels of destiny!

How much does it cost?
£20 per session / £200 per term (£30 drop-in price)

Where is it based?
Winchmore Hill & Crews Hill.

Do I need a harp & where can I get one from?
Learning the harp is like any other instrument, you’re going to need one to practice on, so for anything other than the “harp experience” packages, YES, you will need a harp.

We recommend beginning your journey with our beginner harp; “the bairn”
It’s a kit and needs to be constructed by you; have no fear, we will help you construct it on one of our “harp build days”.

However, you can buy or hire a harp. Please please please contact us before you buy a harp for class. Many budget harps are unplayable and don’t hold their tuning. Feel free to hire, we recommend Pilgrim Harps.

Regarding buying harps…these are harp builders worth investigating. Most have waiting lists as one usually commissions ones own harp…yet again further reason to take your time and wait for the right instrument to reveal itself … (it’s all, a bit Harry Potter isn’t it)

Norris Harps:
Starfish Harps:
Silver Spear Harps:
Teifi Harps:
Pilgrim Harps:
(There are others, but these ones we know of personally)