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Welcome back,

Let me introduce you to Kath, we met in 2016 at Chippenham folk festival. She was playing a really weird instrument which a had a wonderful resonance to it (I had only seen a couple of times before, turns out it was a nyckelharpa), and this was the beginning of our conversations…a clarsach and a nyckelharpa, instruments not usually seen in an english pub. I had mentioned this idea of filming the musicians I met as I travelled around the country, and she was super keen to get involved, numbers were exchanged and we were set…13 months later I’m really excited to say the project is now live, and I’m really happy that Kath was and is as keen as ever to lend her support, advice and give her time so freely. I know that she has a wealth of knowledge that I want to tap and share with you and I’m looking forward to making more films with her (hopefully for the next film she’ll dig out the nyckelharpa).

I do hope you enjoy; today we play a beautiful Swedish tune by a contemporary and living Swedish band going by the name Orsa Spelman, before I close, I just want to thank the composer, Pererik Moraeus for his kind permission to use his tune, and Kath Chandler for her time and support.

Thank you