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Welcome back

Meet Mark of Heptonstall & Porthdinllaen.

I met Mark and his ace wife Mandi and children several years ago while walking around the coast of Wales, we’ve kept in touch since then and I’m rather glad we have. I’m thoroughly delighted to be able to share this film with you, and deeply grateful to Mark (and Justin Graham) for sharing ‘Phil’s Tune’.

The session began with my request for Mark to teach me ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’, and we’d kinda nailed it, between interruptions of a dog that barks at every stranger (no bad thing, unless combined with a memory of a goldfish…then, dude, it’s gonna test your patience) and visitors to their garden. However, from the bleary eyes of Marks jam session the night before and a great September morning, emerged this really beautiful tune; ‘Phil’s Tune’, in memory of, you guessed it…Dave…er…I mean Phil.

Let me know what you think…