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Welcome back

This is Kieron,

We met, years ago at a contact improvisation dance class our mutual friend Frannie was running out of an artist space in Homerton, East London (a derilict pub known as the George, it housed many artists and seeded loads of projects such as “The Woodburner” folk events group and welsh festival, “Fire in the Mountain” … just so you know, Frannie has now discovered the circus and buggered off to Alaska!)

anyway … that was many moons ago, and much has happened since then, well, it has for Kieron anyway; he now has a house, wife and kids and nails it as a composer & musician. Heading up a group of players who perform live sound tracks to films (usually mental ones, but not always). It’s called “The Cabinet of Living Cinema” and is well worth a gander.

So, back to the blog; there I was, sinking pints on an empty belly with my sister in ledgendary pub known as “The Salisbury” and out of the blue appears Kieron; I haven’t seen this dude for quite some years and after a brief London catch up (this is where you vomit up everything you’re currently doing in an unconscious bid to out busy the other human) we agreed that we should definitely do this film together…so there you go! It’s a little off the track of the usual folk scene, but why be so parochial right?! I love the tune and the roots of the story, the family connections, the Yiddish tinges…

Here we go, this is Kieron, with his tune “Oyf a Volkn / On a Cloud” (buy it here). Thanks so much for your time Kieron,

We both hope you enjoy 😉