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Hello, I’m Gareth 

Welcome to my blog.

Chapter 1, an idea is formed and begun…



It’s a collection of short films documenting the musicians, artists and people that I meet on the road, each with a story to share. The beauty of the folk world to me is that within the movement, there is no focal point. A huge and diverse scene incorporating dancers, musicians, poets & story-tellers and artists, a community based form, it goes on everywhere, as the name suggests; “people music”.

However, as we live in an increasingly money driven world, tickets do have to be sold and money generated to make the “festival machine”sustainable (though you could safely bet a weeks wage on the fact it survives on favours and volunteers). This leads to the great oxymoron of the folk scene…the stage act…”who are you here to see?” one might ask. However, I feel this completely misses the point. For me the magic in this world happens in the pubs, on street corners at the end of the night in the chippy or gutter outside said chippy or even over the breakfast table, through the bleary eyes of the night before as you chomp your way through a hearty breakfast.

This is the world I want to bring to you.
Introduce you to the pub players,
Introduce you to the process,
Draw your attention to the things that hide in plain sight.
In short, the music scene on the isles of Briton, ebbs and flows like the tides that surround it, this is merely my take on it. I hope it serves you well.

Maybe see you on the road sometime,