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Rollo’s Waltz by John Golightly

This is John, a dignified man, a true gentleman…and the most unlikely bus driver I’ve ever met!

Today he’s sharing a tune that is beautiful and deeply moving in equal measure. It is dedicated to his late grandson who sadly died within the first few weeks of life. It represents a healing process and so much more. To witness the grief first hand through John was quite an experience and one that I’ll not forget. His willingness to share this and his openness about this are a credit to him and his humanity.

I’m really glad we met, John, and I’m deeply grateful that you’ve shared this story and tune.

I’m aware that John would like this tune to be played and recorded by many and he encourages it, John just asks that it’s credited. It is registered with who ever does these things and it’s requested that all proceeds are donated to the sudden infant death charity, the lullaby trust.